Benefits of Staying Home During This Time

Cherish your family more now

“Every adversity, every failure, every heartbreak, carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit”. Napoleon Hill

I want you to read the above quote at least three times as uncertainty engulfs the universe right now. You don’t need to be a medical practitioner to know the gravity of COVID-19. The virus has affected everyone everywhere. Although certain places haven’t recorded a positive case so far, but the entire world is literally battling with it, not a single living soul is spared. However, the essence of this post is not to scare you, rather I want to share with you some insights on how to maximise this period together with your loved ones. The rat race made us somehow strangers even to our dear ones, but fate has caused us to become more connected again. I want you reading this post in particular to see it as a rare opportunity to invest in yourself greatly.

We are forced to adapt new ways of living in order to reduce the spread of the coronavirus. Staying at home, regular handwashing, use of disinfectants, avoidng large crowds of people, hugging etc are very essential at this time. Your role is to respect these and other important guidelines as your acontribution in curbing this global threat. You should not see this unprecedented time as an avenue to sleep, tweet, Facebook or watch TV all day for the sake of it. You should rather use this moment for your benefit.

5 Ways to Benefit from This Moment of Lockdown

1. Time with your family: This could be the best time to connect and bond with your family more meaningfully than anytime since the rat race. It should be a time of deep connection. Parents and children can now spend quality time together to produce the best version of themselves. Work and education has robbed us of this privilege for so long a time. While some may be worried at this time, consider it an opportunity to listen to one another as a family and embrace the joy of togetherness. COVID-19 has taken us back to the first school and classroom, family unit; where teaching and learning began. Enjoy your family now, thank God for it and pray that we come out of this soon.

2. Take your passion to the next level by devoting an extra hour or so on what matters to you. Pick up that great book you started reading but only stopped at the second chapter. Look for your old journal and get that book written for publication. The world is waiting to learn from you. Use this moment to better contribute your quota to the universe.

3. Show love with action: Use this time to show your love with tangible action. Help that granny in your neighbourhood by shopping for him/her to reduce risk of infection. A gallon of clean water to that poor household which depend soley on well water is a significant contribution. Help your sibling to read, write or solve that Mathematical problem. Donate a dollar or two to a charity that supports the needy. Provide food for that student who depends on school feeding programme for survival. Call your distant relatives more often and find out how they are doing during these trying moments. Let them know you truly care. These are some practical ways we can show love to others during this time. You do not have to be Bill Gates or Warren Buffet before you can meaningfully touch someone’s life.

4. Awaken your creative giant: The pandemic gives us the opportunity to awaken our creative giants that might be sleeping inside. Use this moment to awaken your creative giant for positive use. You have enough time to discover and improve your skills for the betterment of the world.

5. Become a more responsible citizen: By simplying obeying these new directive to stay at home is a great way to prove your responsibility as a global citizen. You are responsible for what happens to you and your actions. Staying at home implies you are not wasting masks which should be reserved for those that need them most; like our health practitioners and others more vulnerable to the outbreak than you. Again, you are reducing the work of our security personnel. Above all, staying at home reduces your risk of infection and consequently saving a life, at least your own. Be a responsible citizen, stay at home, stay healthy. God bless you!

Show love to your family

Written with love,Frank.