Your Past Don’t Define You

There’s a place for you in the world

The world is an incredible place. Man should thank God for placing him above all other creatures. Everything he wants is within his reach. Man’s only problem is his inability to make use of his most treasured asset, his mindset. Right from creation, God has placed the seed of greatness in everyone of us. What we make of it, is up to us. However, certain circumstances may be against us at some point. For instance, the death of a loved one, unfavourable childhood, broken home, poverty or ill health. Well, I want to let you know that there is a place for you in the world, irrespective of what your past has been. You can change your story by making the best use of God’s unique gift to you, your mind. It is your powerhouse.

Human beings are full of stories, often about others. Most of us have forgotten to write and own our stories and have taken the role of policemen or policewomen, writing other people’s stories. Remember, your story was first written by God and significant others. Now that you are grown up, it is your responsibility to change your story. Don’t delegate that to anyone or allow the circumstances of life to write your story. Get out of your comfort zone and write your own story. No one is qualified enough to do it for you.

Your past don’t define you. No matter what has been your past, it has little or nothing to do with the best version of yourself, except lessons to make you wiser. Each of your difficult past is there to make you a better person. You would be doing yourself a lot of harm if you have a bad habit of reliving your challenging past, instead of thanking God for the lessons. Your past is just a reflection of your consciousness. It does not determine your future. The power to change your circumstance lies within. Harness it and the world will make way for you. Others did it, you too can do it.

For the fact that you are able to remember your past is a guarantee that you have the power required to make something out of it. It’s there to teach you an important lesson. Our stories may be similar, but no two people have the same story. A human being, created in the image of God is smart and endowed with the ability to change any situation. He either changes it for good or for worst. Whichever direction he chooses depends on his understanding of the world around him. The difference between achivers and total failures is their reaction to the circumstances of life. While one sees it as an opportunity to learn, grow and produce the best version of himself, another uses it to find all the reasons to give up. Choosing either way is up to you, but I guarantee, it is better to choose the former. Don’t allow your challenging past to determine thee true you. You are constantly creating yourself. Your best days are ahead.

Successful people in every walk of life have one thing in common, difficult past. Had they refused to adjust to the realities of life and change their stories, they have almost every reason to cast blame on someone or situations that surrounded them at some point in the past. However, they applied themselves and went on to make the world a little better than they found it.

In conclusion, I want to emphasize once again, that your past has little to do with the best version of yourself. The lives of Jabez ( biblical character) See 1 Chronicles 4:9,10, Zeno, Oprah Winfrey, Nelson Mandela, Thomas Edison, and Lisa Nichols to mention, but just a few should challenge you. They all had it rough in the beginning.

Jabez was born out of sorrow. What a sad way to be welcomed into the world. He called unto God and got his destiny changed for good. You are not an exception.

Zeno lost everything in a shipwreck in the 3rd century BC. He never allowed that to determine his eventual end, but went on to become prosperous and one of the wisest men who ever lived. He literally started all over again, from square one. For more than two thousand years later, his teachings continue to affect the lives of men and women everywhere. You probably haven’t lived more than 50% of your productive years to experience a lost of his kind.

Oprah Winfrey came from a very humble beginning and now placed herself among the most influential women in the world. She has inspired millions of people and counting. Your own beginning might be better than hers.

What can I say about Nelson Mandela, who spent nearly three decades in prison? Is that not enough reason to give up on your dream or make some foolish decisions in life? Well, Mandela came out as a visionary president and a model for servant leadership worldwide. His experience in prison did not blur his vision.

Thomas Edison’s life should challenge everyone of us. He couldn’t speak until at the age of 4. It didn’t take long before he was labelled as a retarded child in school. That never stopped Edison from writing his name among the great. He grew stronger from one failure to another. However, before his death in 1931, at the age of 84; he created the world’s first industrial research laboratory and invented the light bulb amongst others. His initial failures only made him stronger and more resilient. Don’t be afraid to fail.

And lastly on my list, Lisa Nichols. Imagine the stigma of being a struggling “single mom” in our modern world. Yet, she made her way through to a top motivational speaker, bestselling author and a featured teacher. I personally received very sound lectures from her through (YALI) i.e. Young African Leaders Initiative. I selected these six characters, but there are several of them. Read biographies of the most successful people in the world and you will be amazed.

Written with love, Frank

Building Your Life Around Your Passion

Everyone is born a champion. It is your responsibility to harness your potential as you progress in life. You need to constantly improve the quality of your life at every stage. No man is ever considered great or successful who has not built his life around his passion. You owe that to yourself and the world.

The key is to go out to the world with lofty questions. Such questions include; why was I created? What can I do to live a better life? How can I contribute more to the world? What are my strengths and weaknesses? How is my relationship with significant others? How does my attitude affect others positively or negatively? What do I need to change, how and when? What gives me pleasure or pain? These powerful and provoking questions will get you out of life’s comfort zone and propel you to move mountains. Remember, it is said questions determine the quality of our lives.

We live in a better, but busy world and if care is not taken, you would spend years living someone else’s life. The reason for this is, failure to live and build your life around your passion. Instead you are driven by others, family member(s), friends, celebrities or someone you have high regard for. Remember, God gave you this life to leave the world a little better. You can’t make the world better living someone else’s life, you got to be yourslef. God never creates duplicates. I always tell people that there is only one Francis Gomez in the whole world with unique assignmnet, talents and challenges. You are a unique being. Know that and build your unique life around your passion. There is enough space for you in the world. The earlier you focus on your passion, the better your life will be and the world at large.

Everyone has a role to play in this life, but your first duty is to make yourself better, because if you cannot improve your own life, be rest assured that you cannot make any one’s life better. It is a common saying that ” You cannot give what you don’t have”. Therefore, one of your priorities in life should be to invest greatly in yourself. When that is done, you are now armed with the necessary tools to positively influence the lives of other people. Always be in the look out for things that interest you or what you are truly passionate about. The secret of your future is hidden in your passion.

Different people are fascinated by different things and so is our passion. Even identical twins sometimes have different passions or interests. However, as we age we tend to develop new interests based on our environment and inner circle. Our friends and environment greatly affect the way we approach and live life. Remember, life is short and unpredictable. Therefore, to make the most of this dash (life), you have to build it around your passion. It is one of the surest ways of living a good life for yourself and the world. Whatever is your passion; caring for others, music, drawing, writing, painting, inventing new things, social work, tendency to support strangers, interest in nature etc. You will do yourself a lot of good and the world the earlier you build your life around that particular passion.

So don’t be distracted by anyone. There world has never been more supportive of people with passion than now. A lot has happened in our planet over the centuries. The rise of new democracies, states, businesses, financial freedom and independence, leadership strategies, breakthrough in health and fitness, specialists and so on. In a nutshell, alsmost every aspect of human life has experienced or is experiencing massive transformation. This is possible, because of men and women who built their unique lives around their passion. This is progressive and the world is also waiting for you to even do more, because it is very possible. For the fact that you’re reading this blog post now means you can take your passion to another level and the world will be better for it. Thank you for reading and stay safe, sound and healthy.

Written with love, Frank.