Building Your Life Around Your Passion

Everyone is born a champion. It is your responsibility to harness your potential as you progress in life. You need to constantly improve the quality of your life at every stage. No man is ever considered great or successful who has not built his life around his passion. You owe that to yourself and the world.

The key is to go out to the world with lofty questions. Such questions include; why was I created? What can I do to live a better life? How can I contribute more to the world? What are my strengths and weaknesses? How is my relationship with significant others? How does my attitude affect others positively or negatively? What do I need to change, how and when? What gives me pleasure or pain? These powerful and provoking questions will get you out of life’s comfort zone and propel you to move mountains. Remember, it is said questions determine the quality of our lives.

We live in a better, but busy world and if care is not taken, you would spend years living someone else’s life. The reason for this is, failure to live and build your life around your passion. Instead you are driven by others, family member(s), friends, celebrities or someone you have high regard for. Remember, God gave you this life to leave the world a little better. You can’t make the world better living someone else’s life, you got to be yourslef. God never creates duplicates. I always tell people that there is only one Francis Gomez in the whole world with unique assignmnet, talents and challenges. You are a unique being. Know that and build your unique life around your passion. There is enough space for you in the world. The earlier you focus on your passion, the better your life will be and the world at large.

Everyone has a role to play in this life, but your first duty is to make yourself better, because if you cannot improve your own life, be rest assured that you cannot make any one’s life better. It is a common saying that ” You cannot give what you don’t have”. Therefore, one of your priorities in life should be to invest greatly in yourself. When that is done, you are now armed with the necessary tools to positively influence the lives of other people. Always be in the look out for things that interest you or what you are truly passionate about. The secret of your future is hidden in your passion.

Different people are fascinated by different things and so is our passion. Even identical twins sometimes have different passions or interests. However, as we age we tend to develop new interests based on our environment and inner circle. Our friends and environment greatly affect the way we approach and live life. Remember, life is short and unpredictable. Therefore, to make the most of this dash (life), you have to build it around your passion. It is one of the surest ways of living a good life for yourself and the world. Whatever is your passion; caring for others, music, drawing, writing, painting, inventing new things, social work, tendency to support strangers, interest in nature etc. You will do yourself a lot of good and the world the earlier you build your life around that particular passion.

So don’t be distracted by anyone. There world has never been more supportive of people with passion than now. A lot has happened in our planet over the centuries. The rise of new democracies, states, businesses, financial freedom and independence, leadership strategies, breakthrough in health and fitness, specialists and so on. In a nutshell, alsmost every aspect of human life has experienced or is experiencing massive transformation. This is possible, because of men and women who built their unique lives around their passion. This is progressive and the world is also waiting for you to even do more, because it is very possible. For the fact that you’re reading this blog post now means you can take your passion to another level and the world will be better for it. Thank you for reading and stay safe, sound and healthy.

Written with love, Frank.

The World of Information-Educate Yourself

It is every citizen’s duty to be informed

Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school”. Albert Einstein

It is an open secret that we are living in an information era. The rate at which knowledge  increases and the corresponding flow of information is overwhelming. The question is “How informed is the citizenry, beacuse to be infomred is every citizen’s duty? There is a lot going on in the world at the same time. Yet there is no curriculum for what you should know as an individual. The choice is yours, to be an informed citizen or not. Remember, the quality of your life is determined by how informed you are as a person. Be a good citizen of the world by being properly informed. Never take it for granted. However, the first thing is to have a sense of purpose for your life, because there is noise and distraction disguised as information.

Knowledge is the basis for living, that is why it is imperative for citizens to be properly informed. You are never better than what you know or the quality of the information you feed your mind with. Your mind needs information for growth. In a time like this, you don’t have to be a professor to be informed. Information is everywhere, but you need the right information for good living. Someone might say what is right for one person might not be right for another. Everyone is entitled to his/her opinion. The right information for me is what can improve your life and others in your circle of influence, to make the world a better place. Something which prevents you from making wrong decisions. For instance, two teenagers witnessed a street murder. An armed robber coveted an innocent woman’s possessions and used the means he could to have it. One of the teens decided he would do the same next time he was out of cash while the other saw the act as injutice in it’s height. What do you think happened? Both teens have just been educated of what happens in real life. They absorbed the same information differently and it affects their lives.

Throughout history, humans have been informed. The difference however, is the quality of information we absorb. There were times peope used to be informed through stories. Moral stories, which had so much good influnece on the world. Some had the peculiar privilege of directly learning from elders who told them about the past. Real life situations that provide wisdom for living a good life in a seemingly crazy world. They received firsthand information of great men and women who made the world better. They were told several stories with moral lessons about life. Some of these lessons include, honesty, hard work, love, the danger of hate, exemplary community life, the importance of values, the place for education and so on. As an African I recalled benefiting from similar experience. My grandma told me a lot of stories, some of which will continue to influence my view of the world for my living memory. She was trying to make me an informed citizen in her own way. I appreciaed those moments even more after she departed this world to answer the call of nature. Although I never lived by all of them, but my life has been affected by that mere experience.

The world has never been the same since the advent of technology. Information flows at an unprecedented speed than ever before. Does that mean that citizens are properly informed? Again, remember, it is your duty to be inforemd. Certain people or institutions are vested with the responsibility of informing us with the daily happenings in the world. Unfortunately they have failed us for the simple fact that for a long time, a lot of citizens are not privy to a lot of valuable information. I am referring to the media or the information ministry of our various countries.

We are always shown the negative side of life. Each time you turn on your TV or tuned your radio, what are the headlines? Corruption, murder, civil wars, prostitution, hunger in Africa, political crises and so on. They are not interested in showing or talking about those providing solutions or trying to make the world better. That street vendour who is the breadwinner in his/her family is ignored. No one cares about the multitude of manual labourers, poor farmers, rural teachers, single parents meetings the demands of parenting amidst economic headship, those who keep our streets clean, general civil servants with low wages etc. In a nutshell, there are a lot of silent heroes and heroines doing extraordinary things just to make our planet better. Unfortunately, the media hardly features such stories for the public to see the true pucture of the world. They feed us with the type of information they want us to hear. Stories that don’t inspire us. I am not in any way against such negative stories by the media, but am advocating for the right balance. Yes, people have the right to know about the problems in the world. They equally have absolute right to know or hear about inspiring stories, but the media have a different motive for informing the masses. This is not supposed to be. There are a lot good things that citizens should be informed of about.

In conclusion, everyone should strive to be informed on your own, because the media will always portray the picture they want you to see. It is your sole responsibility to be informed. Therefore, endeavour to educate yourself, because it is possible. Remember the words of Albert Einstein in the introduction. There are several reaources to make you informed in a world like this. Walk into a libray and pick a great book to read. Read/watch documentarie and biographies of great men and women who lived before you. Read magazines with relevant information. Subscribe to a good YouTube channel or newsletters. You can listen to audio podcasts. Use Google dearch engine to widen your knowledge on anything relevant to you. Attend seminars and webinars where there’s opportunity. We have enough reasons to be informed citizens outside the classroom. Therefore, school is just the foundation for knowledge in our changing world. You cannot rely only on the media for the information you need. Take it upon yourself to be an adequately informed person. There is a limit to how far you can go with little or unnecessary information. So keep studying. Keep learning and keep reading. This simple habit will change your life for good.

Stay home and stay safe.

Written with love, Frank.

Are You Concerned?

say no to racial injustice and inequality

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”, Martin Luther King Jr.There is no better time to stand against racism than now. Minority groups everywhere have been racially discriminated for a long time. The recent terrible death of George Floyd in the hands of an American policeman should be a cause for concern for the entire world, not just for the black community. We should all be concerned and stand against this evil called racism. Racial injustice against minority groups has been a problem for way too long. America is one of the developed countries where racial injustice continues to overwhelm global headlines. The world has gone through a lot over the centuries for the betterment of mankind. The order of the day should be freedom, equality and justice for all; irrespective of nationality, colour or race. Unfortunately, there are still some with superiority complex towards others. They have forgotten that all men are created equal. We just come from difference routes but belong to the same human race.

The founding fathers of America like George Washington and Abraham Lincoln fought tooth and nail to end slavery and all forms of inhumane treatment. While slavery have been abolished decades ago, blacks continue to live with the indelible scars. Every now and then, history repeats itself. This is a callous act and should be condemned by all and sundry. A human being kneeling on another’s neck for more than 8 minutes should be seen as a heinous crime against humanity. Ignoring it means compliance, allowing it to happen again to someone else. For the fact that God created you different from another doesn’t justify that you are better than him/her. What makes you think like that? Yet, there are people who for one reason or another believe they are superior to others. This myopic belief is a threat for global peace and progress. We should learn to live as brothers and sisters for a better world. Let us stand up for justice, because enough is enough. George’s case should be a wakeup call, because a lot of black Americans have been victimized over the years. It’s now time to be truly concerned and collectively seek justice.

The stoics believe in four most important virtues; wisdom, courage, justice and moderation. They believe eveything in life hinges around them. We have to balance them properly for good living. So right now, the world should cultivate the virtue of justice. Until we are all concerned for the greater good, the world would continue to be a mess. That is why people like Martin Luther King Jr and Mahatma Gandhi fought for similar courses. They advocated for the equality of black and white. Racial discrimination should not have a place in our modern society. Martin Luther believes that what affects one person directly affects all indirectly. Why? The answer is simple, because we all belong to the same human race. We are to celebrate our difference and not use it against one another. This is not the time to sit and think that it is a problem for blacks. You and I should be concerned and stand against it. There is no better time to stand for justice, freedom and equality for all than now. If you think this is a problem for blacks. Then, tell me who is spared from covid-19 and who will not eventually answer the call of nature, death?

For several decades, minority groups worldwide have suffered a lot; and blacks have been victims of racial injustice. This supposed not to be so. We are all created by the Creator of the universe, supreme God. After all, America is a country that preaches democracy. My understanding of the term democray is that true democracy encourages freedom of speech and peaceful assembly. Irrespective of our political, social, economical, or religious affiliations, we are all equal. None is better than the other. Know that. Diversity should be an opportunity for growth. Only those that are weaklings see others as a threat to their existence. They may appear strong by mere pretense, but deep within they are the weakest beings you can ever imagine. That is the only justification for their oppression and brutal murder of people of colour.

Remember the world would have not attained the level of progress we are currently enjoying if we did not celebrate our difference and use it for the greater good. Show me an industry that is occupied exclusively by a people of a single religion, colour, ethnicity or race and I will show you a very backward industry. The world is a place for diversity and we should use it well to serve one another amicably.

The whole world should be concerned about the death of George Floyd and several others before him. The saddest thing is that, this menace is perpetuated by authorities vested with the responsibility of maintaining peace, law and order “security personnel”. Then tell me, what is our problem as human beings? We have to wake up to the realities of our time and make the world a better place. Racial discrimination should be a thing of the past. Otherwise, what have we to learn from history? Help end racism.

#Black Lives Matter. #EndRacialInjustice. #SeekJustice. #MakeTheWorldBetter.

Written with love, Frank.

Climbing the Ladder of Success

Are you climbing?

Someone said life is a journey of no retardation, but of continual progress and adjustments as we climb the ladder to our desired goals in life. Human beings are in constant pursuit of happiness. Whatever we may be doing right now, the ultimate goal is to be happy in the end.

Like different routes lead to the city, different things lead to the top. However, below are ten ways that lead to the top based on my own study of the lives of some individuals who have achieved considerable success, both living and dead.

1. CLARITY OF PURPOSE: I believe the first thing that can propel one to achieve his/her dream in life is to have a clear purpose. Until you find out the purpose for your creation, you can’t amount to anything significant. That is why a lot of people merely exist, they don’t live. They lack a definite purpose for living this beautiful life. Life is about self-discovery. Every successful person lives a purposeful life. Some find it difficult to identify the purpose for their creation, because you have to discover it with time. That is why it is advisable you medidate or have occasional solitary moments. It is during such moments that purpose is discovered. Your purpose in life gives you the reason to wake up early every morning. You were created for a certain mission. Don’t just go through life as a spectator. Be an active participant.

2. PASSION TO SERVE: Martin Luther King Jr. said greatness is found in service. Of all the successful people that I have known, heard or read about have one thing in common, passion to serve others. “Earn your success based on service to others, not at the expense of others”. H. Jackson Brown Jr. Successful people render quality service to the people around them. They find real pleasure improving the lives of other people. They always have something to give. These are people who like to volunteer, iniate, or help others in need without being asked to do so. Even the greatest man to ever live, Jesus Christ has served more than all his disciples. Therefore, if you desire to be on top, you must find a way to serve others. Mother Teresa will always be remembered by her selfless service to humanity.

3. WILLINGNESS TO LEARN: The essence of life is learning. All successful people are committed to lifelong learning. Learning in this sense is not limited to going to school to earn a certificate or degree. I’m talking about learning to change yourself and the world for good. There is a lot to learn in this short life. No wonder, someone said you begin to die the day you stop learning. A young millionaire, Niklas said “You got to learn before you earn“. Have you ever wondered why some people seem to know a lot while others don’t even know what directly concerns them, like their own history? The answer is simple, one is willing to learn and the other is lazy and negligent. So, wherever you are, if you truly desire to be on top of the game or successful; you must be willing to learn. Learning about yourself is enough to give your life a new meaning. The more you learn, the more you earn.

4. HAVE MENTORS: A Mentor is someone you look up to in life. Someone who has done what you are yearning or dreaming to be. People like Napoleon Hill, Martin Luther King, Kobe Bryant, Albert Einstein, Henry Ford, Nelson Mandela, Bill Gates, Barrack Obama etc all have mentors. Your parent, coach, teacher, celebrity or favourite author could be your mentor. You can have different mentors at different stages of your life. They are people that have achieved success in some areas that you admire. You can read their biographies to know their past and how they manuaved to be where they are today. Learning from mentors would safe you many years of hard work and propel you towards success faster than many people without mentors. With the advent of technology, one can enjoy mentorship services at very reasonable cost. What you need is create time to learn from them. You can request direct coaching, guidance, or training from them if you have the opportunity to. Sometimes, you may just have to follow them on social media or read their works. No matter what you are doing or wish to do with your life, you need a mentor to get to the peak of the success ladder.

5. EMBRACE CHALLENGES: Challenges are part of life, but they are also responsible for silencing many potential achievers. Weak minds shrink because of challenges, but great minds embrace them as stepping stones to higher heights. Everyone faces challenges in life. It could be health, relationship, financial, physical or emotional. Only the dead is spared from the sting of life’s challenges. That is why it is essential to train your mind to embrace trying moments. After all, they reveal the true you. Every great man is known by the obstacles he overcomes. Adversity reveals our identity. Don’t run away from them when they come, but embrace them with the mind of a conqueror or champion. You are stronger than you think.

6. POSITIVE MINDSET: Your mind is your powerhouse and needs to be well taken care of. There is nothing more powerful than a positive mindset and deadlier than a negative mindset. Choose one. The game of life is played in your mind. That is why you need to have mastery of this playground, otherwise, you will remain a victim. All great people have this in common. They are always positive and optimistic. Successful people don’t use their own mouths to limit themselves or welcome calamities into their lives like the average person does. During moments of distress, achievers are known by their reactions and verbal confession. You have to think and talk positive all the time. No one said it’s going to be always easy, the truth is you need a positive mindset to navigate the sea of life. Life sometimes tests us beyond measure, but throughout history, a positive mindset is priceless.

7. DESIRE FREEDOM NOT THINGS OR MONEY: We live in an era called “the rat race” where millions are rushing to acquire whatever comes their way without considering the means. They say the end justifies the means. No wonder some people do all sorts of illegal things to get rich like fraud, rituals or robbery. This misplaced priority justifies how miserable a lot of wealthy and influential people are. The reason is, they don’t desire the right thing, freedom. The goal is to seek freedom not money or things. We have millionaires and billionaires with relationship problems. Some of them are victims of drug abuse and other irrational behaviours. Freedom guarantees a blissful life. Make freedom your ultimate goal if you desire to lead a wonderful life.

8. REMEMBER LIFE IS SHORT: The shortness of life is what makes wise people to make use of the time they have right now. They maximise it daily throughout their lifespan. Knowing that life is short prepares you to live with eternity in view. You begin to take charge of your actions. You are not careless or frivolous. Rather you are careful and always looking for a way to be better than yesterday.

9. SELF-EVALUATION: Life is a race against yourself. You can make your life a masterpiece by constantly evaluating yourself. It helps you know where you are making progress and what needs to be done differently for a better you. Self-evaluation will produce quality questions geared towards revealing the best version of yourself. It is believed that the questions we ask determine the quality of our lives. How often do you ask questions like this? Why was I born? How can I serve better? How has my attitude affected other people? Who/what is influencing my life? What do I need to change? What can I sacrifice and so on? Such questions aligns you with the universe to grant your wildest request.

Self-evaluation is necessary for living a fulfilled life. Unless you know what, when, how and why you do something you will not do it the way it has to be done. Always evaluate yourself and do necessary adjustments.

10. FINANCIAL LITERACY: We live in a business world, where every aspect of our lives require certain amount of money for good living. Therefore, financial literacy cannot be left for bankers alone. Everyone needs at least basic financial literacy. In the book ” Rich dad poor dad” Robert challenges us to have knowledge of the power of money and how to use to our advantage in a dynamic world. Money may not be the end goal, but everyone needs to sokw of the rules governing its acquisition, use and multiplication. Another classic book is ” The Richest Man in Babylon” an incredible book for anyone who desires true prosperity.

I hope this will help you to live better. You can comment your thoughts on this post. Thanks for reading.

Written with love,Frank.

How Do You See The World?

You can make the world a better place

The world is an incredible place, a university of life. Like the stoics, we have to find a way to cleanse ourselves from the noise around us. Ritual cleansing is necessary, because we are bombarded with all kind of ideas, most of which are not helpful for our growth. Ideas flow from every angle, family, friends and media. Literally, there is noise everywhere.

From childhood, we have been exposed to a lot of limiting beliefs. Some of these have seriously affected the quality of our lives. Usually, these ideas come from losers. Their poor mindsets negatively affect the way we live and see the world. That is why I want to encourage you dear reader to listen to winners instead, because whom you listen to matters a great deal.

Like the story of the two people that went to India to survey the shoe market. While one saw an enormous opportunity looking at the number of people without shoes, the other saw no market potential at all. One scenario, different perspectives. BBC says “how the world looks like depends on where you are standing”. One person sees sunlight as a curse while another is willing to spend a fortune just to bask under it. We see what we wish to see in the world, because different forces are beckoning on us all the time. Our reaction to them determines the kind of life we live. It also influences the lense with which you view every given situation. Winners and losers are always speaking. Choose whom to listen to. Remember, you become the story you listen to.

For instance, because of the coronavirus pandemic, some people have nothing to talk about other than the death rates. They are always tracking the number of dead cases instead of those recovering. All the energy is wasted talking about what we don’t want to see instead of what we want to manifest. Winners talk about what they wish to see and manifest in the world. They seek solution to problems, they don’t just talk about problems. You don’t need a magic wand to predict the quality of two people by simply listening to their conversation.

One looks at the universe and see problems and chaos. Another looks at it with appreciation for the gift of life and unlimited blessings. One is speaking evil of others while another is thankful for his/her relationships with other people. One complains of acute lack and misery while another is thankful of the abundance of opportunities available. Many people blame their parents, the president or the economy for their financial lack. Few however, (winners) blame themselves for not making use of the numerous opportunities in the 21st century. The world could be noisy or serene depending on what you listen to. Certain remarks and viewpoints are associated with certain type of people. The attention accorded to each group will affect your life, either for or bad. Choose wisely.

Listen and associate with those who talk about ideas or solutions, not complainers. The world is in dire need of solution-oriented minds. The universe gives what we ask of him. Your comments about any given situation are your requests. Listen to two patients in a hospital. One said “I thank God for seeing another beautiful day like this. I could have perished like others from the accident”. The other said ” Life is not fair at all! Why me? Why do I have a serious headache, my business is going to be affected. It’s been 3 days since I closed my shop.” One week later, the patient who got involved in an accident was discharged and the one who had headache passed away. What a tragedy! Isn’t it? The story is just an example of how humans may choose to steer the wheel of their own life.

Winners are grateful people despite the unending and sporadic storms of life. They see challenges as opportunities or stepping stones to breakthrough. They focus on what they can control and not the other way round. They live each day at a time and are looking for avenues to improve their situations instead of taking the victim’s role. Wise people don’t expect easy life. They have long graduated from the school of blame game. No wonder, they are called winners. These are the few who found real happiness in life which is sought by many. These people have decided to listen to good mentors and achievers. They make the best use of their short time on earth by improving themselves on a daily basis. They are determined to shun every limiting beliefs coming from poor mindsets. It is the duty of every wise person to listen to this group of people. They are very few, but you will find them if you seek with the right mindset. Remember, the world will always present you with two options. One is going to make you and the other will mar you. Your understanding of life and the principles or rules governing it’s fullness will determine your choice.

In conclusion, make friends of those that are advocates of transformation. Enjoy the company of peole who don’t always follw the status quo. The adage that “majority carry the boat” is not a general rule for a wise man. He has the power to choose and make the right decisions. He has control over his thoughts, because they eventually create his reality. People with negative or poor mindsets don’t deserve your precious asset, time if you really wish to add value to the world. Instead, associate with radicals for change. That change begins with mindset. You cannot change anything if you don’t first and foremost change your mind for good. These are the people I call winners. I’m not referring to althelets or other sportsmen and women. I am talking about people who see the world as a good place that we should endeavour to make better. Walk with these rare people and your life will make a difference. The poet, Robert Frost said I take the road less travelled by and that has made all the difference. Never follow the majority of negative people around you. See life as an opportunity for growth and exploit. The world is before you. How do you see it? Get out and leave it a little better.

Written with love, Frank.

Which Role Do You Play?

Be careful of double faced people

William Shakespeare wrote that the world is a stage. Human beings are actors and actresses, each playing a different role. This statement might sound philosophical to some, but there is truth in it. Indeed, the world is stage; we are all acting and watching one another. The audience is large.

Millions of people before us have played their roles and exited. Some as heroes or heroines, protagonists or and antagonists, loyal or traitors, teachable or stubborn etc. Right from creation, there has been a constant war between light and darkness. Each fighting for dorminace. Less Brown even said, “Life is a fight for territory”. There is nothing wrong in fighting for your territory. It only becomes sinful and evil when one plays the following roles in life. Remember, your role is going to affect the world either positively or negatively. The choice is yours. Choose wisely!

I hope this short piece will inspire you to be a better citizen of the world.

1. Double Faced People: This first group of people have contributed to a lot of the problems we are facing in the world. They are those who disguised themselves as friends, but are actually your worst enemies. They would say every good thing about you in your presence. The moment you give your back, they start to slander and devise means to silence your dream and even put an end to your life. Such people can stab you and ask the cause for your bleeding. History is replete with people who have played this unfortunate role. Some may get away with it for a while, but retribution eventually comes in full measure. This is a role for the coward. Bravery is measured by one’s ability to present your true nature and not the other way round.

2. Time Wasters: The second group of people one must not aspire to be in their company, are those who like to waste time and see nothing wrong with it. These people are naturally negligent, lazy and careless. They have nothing productive to do with their time. They merely exist. To them life is about eating, sleeping and sensualism without any meaningful contribution to the betterment of the world. You will live a wasted life by associating with them. The Bible says “Redeeming the time, for the days are evil”. Wasting time on useless things of this life is foolishness. You can play a better role. Make each moment count. There is always something to do for a better you and the world. I bet, if it were possible, some will trade their time for something else. Unfortunately, nature makes it impossible. Don’t live a carefree  life. The time you spend on useless things is the same time that someone is using to study, learn a relevant skill, read a good book or review his/her life goals. You don’t need a fortune teller to predict the quality of your life. Life is about making the most of our time.

3. Hatred for Truth: The word of God says “The truth shall set you free”. Have you seen people who would malice others or cut off friendly ties for telling them the truth? Have you seen or heard about someone who got angry because he/she was told the truth? This is the type of people am referring to. They prefer to be flattered. They are playing a terrible role in the world. Imagine how the world would have been if people refuse to be corrected. It is one of the reasons we dislike dictatorship. A wise man is he who accepts corrections and loves the truth. Otherwise, how would we learn from our costly mistakes? Unfortunately, we live in a world where truth is becoming a rare commodity. Endeavour to be among the few who love the truth no matter the circumstance. “Truth is is not what you want it to be: it is what it is and you must bend to its power or live a lie” Miyamoto Musashi.

4. Tendency to Receive Without Giving: The scripture is ” It is more blessed to give than to receive”. This group consists of so-called wise people who have the inclination to only receive without any desire to give. This role is for the average person with low self esteem. There is nothing wrong in receiving. I am talking about misers and parasites. Don’t just be a receiver, aspire to give even more. That is the way to the top. Anyone with the right senses will not keep company of people, who are only looking for ways to receive from others. Life is more than getting from others. Life is about giving out. Give your time and talent if you have nothing else to give. The world will be better for it. Giving is not limited to material possessions or finance. A listening ear to a lonely soul is worth more than a couple of dollars.

5.Backbiting: This fifth group of people are those who make it a habit to discuss their fellows in their absence. They are back biters. Nothing may be wrong to occasionally talk about others, if it is done in the right manner. The right manner here means not spreading lies about them or revealing their secrets. Remember, they trusted you that’s why. There are people who find pleasure in discussing other people’s affairs. This is a dirty role to play in the world.

Written with Love, Frank.

Pursuing your Dream-The Way to Greatness

Some who pursued their dreams

Eleanor Roosevelt said “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”. All successful people have dreams. The difference we make in the world is determined by the quality of our individual dreams. It is important to note that merely dreaming without corresponding actions to achieving your dream is like a farmer who sits at home during the rainy season and expecting a bumper harvest. You know the result, he is deceiving himself. A songwriter wrote “dream like the ocean blue“. You should put down practical means of achieving your goals in life no matter what. You owe this to no one but yourself. Just like action speaks louder than words, so must you dare to take practical steps towards your desired future. Your future lies in your own hands.

As you read along, I want you to know this with all certainty; there is nothing that a human being cannot achieve under the sun. All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them“, Walt Disney. Whatever you have in mind to do is in fact an indication of possibility. That is why you must not give in to fear concerning your dream; so go out and pursue it. Life becomes more meaningful when dreams are achieved. However, if care is not taken one could be living someone else’s dream thinking that will make him/her happy and fulfilled. Well, it is the exact opposite. Your life will amount to almost nothing if you are derailed from your dream. Someone rightly said, if dreams die, life is like a broken-winged bird that cannot fly.

After you have your future in mind with all clarity, it is your sole responsibility to identify the skills sets needed to accomplish it. There is an adage that “no pain no gain”. Therefore, you must be willing and ready to put in the time and effort required to realise your dream. Remember dreams without goals are just dreams. But dreams with tangible steps have 50% chance of success, because several others have achieved the same or similar things before. What you need to do is learn the principles and apply the knowledge. Soon your star will rise and you will begin to contribute your quota to the world more meaningfully.

Throughout history, men and women went out and achieved greatness by simply pursing their dreams. Most of them came from very humble backgrounds with little education, yet they wrote their names indelibly in the sand of time. One common attribute for their breakthrough is the courage to pursue their dreams. However, every worthy dream attracts obstacles. In fact someone said ” dreams expose obstacles, if we encounter one and quit, then we must confront, if what we are pursuing is truly a dream“. The world will test you to see whether you are truly worthy of your dream or not. Worthiness is known by your attitude towards challenges. Great achievers everywhere are those who faced daunting obstacles with the right mindset and went on to prove their doubters wrong. They refused to give up when most of their counterparts quit. They won man’s greatest battle; battle against his own mind and consequently conquered the world. Study the lives of such men and women and you will claim your power and stamp your name among the great. Remember challenges are part of life and overcoming them makes life meaningful.

In conclusion, whatever is your dream, go out and pursue it. Within you lies the seed of greatness untapped like anyone that is considered great. The lives of Henry Ford, Bill Gates, Nelson Mandela, Warren Bufffet, Abraham Lincoln, Mark Zuckerberg, Thomas Edison, Agatha Christie, Elon Musk, Napoleon Hill, Steve Jobs, Chimanda Ngozi, Barrack Obama, Christiano Ronaldo, Gim Kwik, Dale Carnegie, Mahatma Gandhi, and Martin Luther King Jr. to name, but just a few, are examples of individuals who pursued their dreams and achieved greatness. These people have changed the world in their own ways. My challenge for  you, dear reader is, “Go out and pursue your dream” Whatever it is, that burning desire in your heart. You can make it happen. It has been done before. You can do it even better. You only need courage. That’s why Paulo Coehlo said “ A dream is something unpredictable and dangerous for those who lack the courage to dream“. Therefore, muster courage and pursue your dream.

Written with love, Frank.

How my Love for Dogs Started

My kid brother with Fred in chains
Fred bathing

I was thirteen years old when I had my first pet dog, Capon. Capon was a lovely pet. My friend, John gave him to me as a treasured gift upon my request. One of my childhood mates, Sang also had a pet which he named Ratty. Both dogs are almost of the same age. I can vividly recall our sporadic fights over them. As children, one of us would deliberately maltreat the other’s pet and then a fight starts immediately.

I love taking care of Capon. I fed him with pounded peanut when he was a puppy. After few weeks, I began giving him part of my food. He became very healthy and fun to play with. I will never forget the moments he used to chase me and I will run around until I was exhausted. I usually take him to the football field during my training hours, mostly in the evening. He became used to all my mates. We are always happy being with Capon. I would steal household salt and mix it with water. That is how I used to bath him until his demise, because of our proximity to the beach.

When he and Ratty, my freinds dog were older, we sometimes take them on hunting trips. This was really fun. We succeeded a few times, but returned home empty most of the time. On top of that, we occasionally missed meals and had to rely on mangoes, cashew fruit, oranges, or guava depending on which season it was. It was one of the benefits of growing up in the village. I doubt if I will ever forget these memories. Indeed, children are natural explorers.

During the farming season, Capon played a very important role in scaring monkeys away. Our farm is just about two hundred metres away from the house. There was no boring moment with Capon. He was hyper active and always in motion. He served as my first child, because I nursed him from a puppy to a mighty bitch. Unlike my present dog, Fred, Capon was not castrated. He influenced my world for a significant part of my teenage life and I will never forget my moments with him.

One fateful evening, my kid brother went out with him. It was in the wet season and I was away for a football match. He did not come to watch me that day. According to him, a snake attacked them and my dog took up the challenge. It was either a viper or cobra. I forgot the type of snake it was. My brother told me that he tried to chase it away with sticks and few stones, but the snake was adamant he explained. My dog was bitten. The neck was swollen at the time my brother was relating the matter to me. I was very sad, because the life of my pet is at stake. If it were now, I would just have to ring my vet and he will be at my service in no time. Unfortunately, I did not know any vet at the time. Few weeks after, Capon died at the backyard of our farm. Looking at his lifeless body brought uncontrollable tears. It was one of the saddest days of my life. I dug a small pit outside the farm and gave him my own form of burial. Although we have other dogs like Salasy and Lion afterwards, I have been dreaming of raising another to replace Capon.

In the summer of 2014, I was again blessed with an amazing puppy. A brother living in our church yard gave it to me. He told me his children brought it, but he was already having a dog. I gladly took it home and named him Fred. He has been a friend all these years and very loyal. My siblings always tease me that he is my child. I learnt so much from him and continue to learn. Unlike, Capon, Fred has a vet; whom I call from time to time. My uncle and I pay for his services. When he was younger, I used to take him to the beach for occasional bath. The trend has changed lately, we now get salt water and bath him at home. Fred barks at visitors during the day and at night. He follows me around town sometimes in chains. He serves as a watchdog at home. Kids in my neighbourhood are afraid of him and runs at the sight of him even when in chains.

This is how my love for dogs started and I am dreaming of having three dogs in my house. These creatures are wonderful. Sometimes they behave more human than some people, at least from my personal judgment. I love dogs and forever will.

Written with love, Frank.

Six Things That Changed My Life

December 25th 2019

Life is a journey of no retardation, but of continual progress and adjustments. Learning and becoming better than you were, day by day, weekly and yearly. The cycle continues until the grave, some call it man’s last home. Each day offers another chance to begin all over again. As an average human being, certain things are expected to influence and change your life, either for good or bad. Nonetheless, our duty is to learn from them and be wiser. While a lot has contributed to the person I have come to be over the years, these six things grately changed my life for the better.

1. HOME: Home, my first contact with the outside world has tremendously changed my life for good. Growing up from an extended African home has been a blessing. I learnt a lot at home, especially from my late grandma. Home is where I learnt about responsibilities and the consequences for violating laws. Depending on the people living there, home can be heaven on earth or hell. As a child, I have experienced both at different times. It is here that I know the power of love and hate, the reward for hardwork, honesty, and the strength for unity. Home gave me a sense of belonging. Indeed home is sweet and no place on earth can replace it, despite our social standing. My heart beats each time I hear this four-letter word, HOME: Home is my first university and a place I would always run to. My home played a significant role in the kind of person I am today.

2. THE HOLY BIBLE: Although born to Catholic parents, I was not exposed to the Bible early. I started reading this amazing book after my salvation in 2007. It is awesome reading the holy scriptures with the Holy Spirit at work. The feeling is better experienced than explained. Before this time, I read several books, but none is like the Bible. Since then, I have been reading the Bible more often; a great source of knowledge and inspiration. I believe that the holy Bible is a blueprint for life. No wonder some scholars gave it the acroynm Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth (B.I.B.L.E)

3. COMPUTER AND INTERNET: This device has changed almost every aspect of human experience since its invention. Therefore, it is obvious that as a student of the world in the twenty first century, computer and the internet has grately changed my life. I have always been fascinated by computer and what it is capable of, especially when connected to the internet. As an average African, I was introduced to computer as a teenager and my life has never been the same since then. Well before I had my first cell phone, I spent a good part of my leisure time on computer. I would go to the cyber cafe after school. My duration there depends on how much money I have on me. I used to watch the latest football highlights and sometimes video clips of some of my favourite musicians at the time like Lucky Dube, Admiral Tibet, Chris Brown, Lily Wayne etc. Later on, I began to search what interests me on Google. This was the most exiciting part of this whole experience; which ultimately transformed my life and gave it a different meaning.

4. SCHOOL: School is undoubtedly one of the places capable of changing lives. Personally, school changed my level of thinking, interracting with other people, and general behaviour. I have learnt to work harmoniously with different individuals from diverse backgrounds and upbringing. School enhanced my socialisation skills. I met a lot of people who influenced my life both positively and negatively, to be honest at least. I built friendship with some of these incredible people( students and teachers) as I progressed from one class to another all through university. I still maintained good relationship with some of them until now. Indeed, getting enrolled in school is a blessing. I will forever be grateful to my family for giving me this unique opportunity, which millions are deprived of worldwide. School is an incredible place that has changed my life for good.

5. BOOKS: Words put together have always amazed me since childhood. That is why I wanted to know the mystery behind it; that curiosity led me to reading a lot and the time was worthwhile. Books enabled me to know about a lot of things in life. I started avid reader since my second grade. The librarian in my primary school befriend me simply for borrowing books from him. Anytime I returned a book, he would advise me to continue reading. He even gave me some books as gifts. Although, they bear the school’s stamp, he asked me not to return them. He was motivating me. They were one of my treasured gifts for a long time. I safely kept most of them until the latter part of my junior school. However, few were missing after I moved to the city to continue high school. Football and reading were the major activities I enjoyed during my leisure time. Through books, I have been to several places. Books have the power to change anyone who reads with understanding; even a single sentence. I can boldly say that books have changed every aspect of my life. It is through books that I have an idea of the power of the human mind. Until now, books continue to influence my life and change it for the better. A library is part of the plans I have for my dream house in the near future by the grace of God. There are things I wouldn’t have known without books. I really thank God and the universe for sending those books to me at different stages of my life. Thanks to all the amazing authors like William Shakespeare, Sydney Seldon, Chinua Achebe, Wordsworth, Pst. W.F. Kumuyi, Robert Frost, George Orwell, Chimanda Ngozi, Dr. Michael Murdock, Charles Dickens, Stephen King, James Joyce,etc. The list is almost endless.

6. FRIENDS: Everyone is influenced by the people they network with most of the time, circle of friends. Friendship is essential in life, because no man is an island. I have learnt both good and bad from friendship. The bad aspects however taught me invaluable lessons which I will never forget. I have been exposed to loyalty and betrayal and accorded the choice of either. I met individuals that I thought were friends, but they proved to be the very opposite in every sense of the word. There are some I initially had nothing to do with, who later become like family members. In a nutshell, I have learnt and continue to learn about human beings through friends. Although I am a sociable person, but as I grow older, I began to be more selective of the people I consider friends and that has made the difference in my life. I have transitioned from a boy with many friends to a young man with very few friends. In fact, not long ago, my kid brother asked me a simple, strange question. It was, “who are your friends”? It was an obvious question considering my sudden change of lifestyle.

I would like to know which things changed your life in the comment section. STAY HOME! STAY SAFE!

Written with love, Frank.

Easter Like Never Before

Stay home and stay safe

2020 is a remarkable year. Like any other year, we all have plans. Six months ago, everyone was excited to welcome another year; the beginning of a decade. However, little did we know that an unprecedented war was looming.

Towards the end of 2019, China’s province of Wuhan was overwhelmed with coronavirus or COVID-19. A virus that baffled medical practitioners worldwide. While they were battling, it spread to other countries and within few months the entire world is affected.

Thousands died and it led to an unprecedented lockdown, where every corner of the planet is directly or indirectly affected.

Christians around the world are celebrating Easter to commemorate the suffering, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. This year’s feast is a special one, because believers do not congregate in churches like usual. Instead, many are streaming church services online or radio broadcast from their homes.

Wherever you are right now, I hope you are staying safe with your family and loved ones. I wish you a wonderful Easter and may the joy and blessings of Calvary rain on you. Happy Easter amidst the COVID-19.

Enjoy with your family

Written with love, Frank.